Timestamps is an small app written in python to easily time and track timestamps.

I created this app due to my involvement in the streaming scene. Streamers often have to keep track of very long stream sessions for highlight moments. Timestamps allows you to easily start the timer, and press a button to log timestamps to a text file so that after your stream is done you can look back and easily see all your highlight moments.

This app allows streamers to increase their productivity and create better content for their fans easily. It especially helps video editors who often have to compile these highlights into youtube montages at a later time.

The app runs as a continuous timer in the background which allows a user to keep track of timestamps even when in the middle of a game. This functionality is quite difficult to achieve because it requires the app to log input even when not in focus. However, that functionality was needed to create the best experience for the user.

NOTE: Only works on Windows.
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